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What is a Parkinson Support Group?

A support group offers information through newsletters, booklets and informed speakers on Parkinson Disease (PD). At our meetings we share the latest information and learn the way others have coped so that we can make our lives better.

Having Parkinson Disease is not just the condition of the person diagnosed with the disease. It becomes the condition of family, friends and co-workers. It encompasses a wide variety of physical and emotional changes that are not easy life style adjustments. A support groupĀ  relates to all of those involved.

We encourage optimism and hope by providing social contacts and sharing experiences for those with PD and their caregivers.


In March of 1982, Jerry and Clarice La Marsna were concerned about people in San Luis Obispo County who suffered with Parkinson’s and had no groups to turn to for encouragement and support. They were the catalyst for the start up of our fine group. They had 25 family units as charter members. They set up our By-Laws which we still follow today.