Central Coast Parkinson Support Group



  Jack Brill, President

What is a Parkinson Support Group?

A support group offers information through newsletters, booklets and informed speakers on Parkinson Disease (PD). At our meetings we share the latest information and learn the way others have coped so that we can make our lives better.

Having Parkinson Disease is not just the condition of the person diagnosed with the disease. It becomes the condition of family, friends and co-workers. It encompasses a wide variety of physical and emotional changes that are not easy life style adjustments. A support group  relates to all of those involved.

We encourage optimism and hope by providing social contacts and sharing experiences for those with PD and their caregivers.


Jack Brill

We are working on the website. It is a work in progress and the plan is to have it completed by the end of September. Also, there are many items available for use by our members, from a mo-bility scooter to protein drinks. See the items listed below. CCPSG continues to be an essential source of comfort to persons with Parkinson’s and their surviving spouses. I am grateful for having the ability to speak these words into my computer. Coping with PD is always a challenge. The technical world is providing many tools to do this. My scooter and its bell give me the ability to move around and get out of the house. Deon Dunaway was in town after having lost Baxter on Aug. 1st. Sandy and I met with her for lunch in Morro Bay and were joined by Virginia Severa, Gloria Rossini, Ginger Wesner, Mary Ellen Benson, Phyllis Raposo-Silva and Dell-Louise Marsh. Deon was very pleased to see eve-ryone, and we were all glad to see her. Three of her grandchildren also joined us. I now am thinking about changing my lifestyle. I really want to fully retire, (even from the chairmanship of CCPSG). I want to do nothing but take time to read and be with Sandy. I also want to work on the Cal Poly project to help PD victims. Sandy and I are ready to have a full-time care provider for both of us. We are looking forward to this lifestyle. In order for this support group to continue, we are hoping that someone will step forward and take over the work we both do (President and Treasurer). Sandy and I will both resign from our jobs as soon as we can find replacements, but no later than March 2016.


Sandy Brill (543-7717)

The following items are in our storage and available to anyone in return, optionally, for a mod-est donation of your choice to be added to the Memorial Fund.

 2 walkers

 3-wheel Golden Mobility scooter

 4-wheel Shoprider Power wheelchair

 3 shower chairs (1 with arms)

 Depends for women (small)

 1 case Premier Protein (strawberry)

 1 cane (for short persons)

 Misc. exercise eqpt, 1 gait belt

 Pill boxes (one of them is 7×4)

 3 potty chairs